Brasilia cruises

Since 1984, the experience of Brasilia travel, based in Glyfada, in the field of high level tourist services, and the increasing needs of our customers, led us to the creation of brasilia cruises. Brasilia cruises specializes in yachting tourism services. So you can compine a day or multiday getaway with a yacht from our fleet, choose a destination from the diamonds of the Greek coastline, or organize an event on board, depending on the occasion.


Choosing a cruising getaway with us, is an ideal choice to visit the most famous or remote places of Greece, from the right angle. Sea ,sun and wind will awake your senses. Great opportunities for swimming, diving , exploring, tastying and dancing are also available. Select from the following options and let your dreams come true.


Greece has hundreds of islands and unique wonderful places. Both of the above suggestions are some of the options we could offer and propose. If you have a particular island that you would like to include in your sailing cruise please let us know and your route will be altered according to your preferences.


Explore the Greek islands on our privately sailing and motor yachts.
A sailing holiday and a true adventure to remember !

Activities on board

If you are planning a cruising getaway for first time , just have a look in the activities you can enjoy on board and have fun

Events on board

A Special Event on Board is as exciting as memorable. Our Yachts become your private entertainment area for special arrangements.